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CloudIQ delivers smart cloud infrastructure solutions with a focus on scalability, security, and efficiency.

CloudIQ makes your everyday life easier delivering smart solutions for cloud infrastructures. We have an active sustainable mindset working with customized solutions. We support you with flexible services to increase the use of your digital solutions.

Simple & smart , that's us!

CloudIQ makes your everyday life easier.

CloudIQ offers cloud based services. The IT-equipment needed is delivered and updated based on the customer's needs. Our flexible solutions make your everyday life easier and your employees will always have access to the latest technology.

Our services

Cloud Services

We make your everyday life easier by providing smart cloud-based solutions. We manage everything that relates to your cloud infrastructure for you to focus on your business instead of the technical solutions.

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Cyber Security

By using intelligent IT-systems we detect security gaps before an actual fraud attempt takes place. In addition to security and risk management we support with GDPR-related issues in the IT-environment.

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Our support team is ready for you, wherever you are and whatever you need help with. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any problems. Call us and we will take care of the rest.

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The Team

Marianne Heinänen

IT Support

Richard Skogsgårdh

IT support

Theo Niyonsenga

IT Support

Johnny Jägsell

IT support

Emanuel Foglander

Team leader IT-infrastructure and support

What you need, wherever you are!

Uniformity and consistency improve productivity and facilitate cooperations within companies. Get new ways to manage your company and improve your customer relations with integrated workflows.

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Your Cloud journey starts here

CloudIQ supports you with everything you need for a successful cloud transition. Our framework includes proven guidance developed to support customers and create and implement strategies for cloud-solutions.

MIDAQ establishes new consulting company

MIDAQ consulting provides clients with innovative solutions in a simple and smart way. Today, we establish our latest subsidiary, CloudIQ AB, who offers a variety of cloud-based IT-services.